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My Favorite Quote & Why I Like It

Remember... people's favorite quotes can tell you a lot about them.

“And I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.” – Michael Scott, The Office, Season 5, “Stress Relief”

As you can see from the quote above I'm a "The Office" fan!  When I heard this quote it immediately teleported itself into my heart & mind! I love this quote because it perfectly describes how everybody feels at some point in their lives, knowing what they want to do, but also not knowing at all. It reminds me of how brave I am and how brave everybody is in the world. We all know what we want to do or what our dreams are, but have an overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to do to get there. It's just this big blob of uncertainty that we carry with us. But how I look at it, is that in the space of having no idea what to do is where we are the most open-minded to learn. Everybody in this world is living life for the first time so all of us technically have no idea what we're doing, yet we create the most beautiful things! Because of this, I hope I never know what I'm doing so that I'll forever be open to learning and new experiences, as with this I will achieve what "I know I exactly want to do." 

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